Thunderhill Raceway HPDS (West)

We’re back to our regular HPDS, this time with a twist! This is the 2-mile course (West side!). Details forthcoming (e.g., registration and all that jazz)

A few new things coming to the HPDS:

  • The HPDS will expand its wildly successful on-track exercise program from Group S to  A & B. The goal is building passing (and being passed) skills by learning how to drive off-line and in traffic. We devote about 4 laps a day to exercises.

  • The Advanced Data Coaching program will be available to A & B students. There’s a limited-availability Sunday-only program for first timers.

  • Golden Gate Chapter is using a COVID mitigation strategy that minimizes the impact on how we conduct the school. All GGC students, instructors, staff, and guests will have to be fully vaccinated (including waiting time) before the event.
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Aug 28 - 29 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Thunderhill Raceway
Willows, CA

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