Board and Staff

Board Members

Event Staff

  • Chief Driving Instructors (Lord Professors of Chariot Instruction)— Peter Vinsel , Billy Maher, Mark Magee —
  • Driving Events Coordinator (Baroness of Horseless Carriage Ceremonies) Tamara Hull —
  • Car Control Clinic Coordinators (Majordomos of Vehicular Control College) — Mark Magee, Ryan Rich, Martin Umeh, Nick Moss, Canyon Chan, Amanda
  • Autocross Coordinators (Masters of the Horseless Carriage Demonstrations) — Jeff Roberts, Ryan Rich, Jack Yu —
  • Autocross Timing & Scoring (Gentleman Usher of Horseless Carriage Timing & Scoring)— Brian Cheung —
  • Technical Sessions Coordinator (Earl Marshall of Technical Sessions) — Aleksey Kadukin —
  • Driving Tours Organizer (Field Marshall of Expeditionary Travels) —Adam

Communications Team

  • Communications Director (Minister of Propaganda) —Ekaterina Efremova—
  • Instagram Curator (Chancellor’s Museum of Portraits Curator)-– Ekaterina Efremova –
  • Webmaster (Dame Mistress of the Web)— Athena Brekke —

Area Representatives