///M Club Day 2020

///M Club Day 2020

by | Mar 16, 2020

Last month, the Golden Gate Chapter returned to the BMW Performance Center West at the Thermal Club for our 2nd annual ///M Club Day! It’s hard to believe it’s been a month already, but we’ll go over what we did.

We had pretty much the same exercises with one big change. We had 32 students again and we split into 4 groups after the morning classroom session. My group’s first exercise was the big change one: braking and entering. Last year, we did this on the small course. This time, we took this exercise to the South Palms circuit where we worked on a double apex turn as well as a quick left-right. All this was done in the M4 Competition Package.

The second exercise for our group was the handling course (autocross) in the M2 Competition. This was a preview of for the afternoon’s timed event. We got continuous lapping with 4 cars on the course at a time. Each driver got about 10 minutes of lapping in and then we switched.

The third exercise for our group was the drag race in the M3 Competition Package–probably one of the last times the car was in use for students. The drag race, like last year, was a down and back. You race the other car in a straight line, make a u-turn, then back and stop in the box for the win.

The fourth exercise (the last before lunch) saw us go out to the skidpad with a 600HP car–the M5. We switched the cars into rear-wheel drive mode and went out with an instructor in the right seat and learned about understeer, correcting oversteer, and trying our hand at drifting the car around the pad.

After a nice lunch, our group was out on the big handling course for some continuous lapping of the big autocross course in the M2 Competition. It was a blast getting the car up near 80 MPH on the longest straight at the course. As before, 4 cars were out at the same time getting about 10 minutes of lapping in before switching drivers.

We then transitioned over to the timed portion (top 3 of the 32 students gets a prize/medal!). The trick here was that we switched to the M4 Competition Package after we had used the M2 Competition in the morning section. So you did have to adjust to a larger car with more power–but with CCBs. Podium times were in the low 26 seconds.

After that, we headed over to the South Palms (no video) circuit again for some lead-follow lapping in the M5. 2 instructors split up our group into 2 cars a piece. Each instructor led 2 cars around the circuit at speed. Each driver got about 10 minutes or more in the driver seat and then we switched. It’s a lot of fun taking a 600 HP beast around a track. The capability of the M5 is astonishing. It’s quite capable and extremely fast and the 4WD means you can power through corners.

Our last student event was the rat race on the skid pad in the M3 Competition Package. DSC was completely off and you raced another car around the small circuit. First to finish 3 laps was the winner. There was a knockout stage and then each group got a champion.

Finally, it was time for the instructors to take us out for some hot laps around the BMW facility at Thermal in the M3 Competition Package. Time to shred some tires–including the famous Adam Seaman 360 degree spin.

Take a look at the video of our event below! We’ll be back for the next annual event in 2021!

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