Laguna Seca HPDS 2020

Laguna Seca HPDS 2020

by | Mar 2, 2020

For the first time in nearly 2 years, the GGC returned to Laguna Seca. We hope everyone had a great time at the world famous Corkscrew! And welcome to all the first-timers (either HPDS or Laguna!). We hope you had fun and learned a lot about yourself and your car’s capabilities.

Don’t forget that as a student (or instructor), you get photos of you and your car on the track from various vantage points included in the price of the school! Be sure to check gotbluemilk!

Below is a video walk around of the paddock and some chats with students and even the Supreme Chancellor himself.

We’ve got a few static shots here and be sure to check our Facebook Group for photos from some of our great members!

Hope to see you at our next HPDS at Buttonwillow June 24-26. Details to come soon!

Check out the rest of our videos and our YouTube channel here:

Golden Gate Chapter YouTube Channel

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