Meet Matt Mullins

Meet Matt Mullins

by | Feb 24, 2020

This week, we meet the Chief Instructor of the BMW Performance Driving Schools, Matt Mullins. Matt has been with the BMW Performance Center almost since the beginning. In addition to the instructing, Matt is also a world record holder! He was the refueling car (the F10 M5) for Johan Schwartz in the F90 M5 for the world’s longest drift! He is also an accomplished stunt driver. You may have seen that straight line drive from Spartanburg to Los Angeles in the then new G05 X5…that was Matt. He was also Clive Owen’s stunt driver in the BMW film, The Escape, featuring the G30 540i.

Did you know that CCA members get 15% off any of the BMW Performance Driving School offerings? And did you also know that we have a ///M Club Day at the Performance Center where you can test out the current ///M models (subject to availability) at that event ranging from skid pad, autocross, rat race, and track time? We’re back at Thermal next January (2021)!

Thanks for your time, Matt!

You can follow Matt on Instagram @66racerx

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