Summer Driving Tour and Annual Picnic

Summer Driving Tour and Annual Picnic

by | Jul 30, 2019

This past Sunday, we had our annual summer drive and picnic. This was by far our largest driving tour with over 60 cars! We had 2 groups split into 3 run groups. One group went clockwise from our starting point at Canada College to Thomas Fogarty Winery and the other went counter clockwise. We thank our lead drivers: Adam Mahoney, Ian Dunn, Cory McLaren, Bill Broeder, Ian Dunn, and Bryan Haas. And our two sweeps: Bessie Gessner and Mike Gessner. A lot of planning went into the route and setting up the groups. A week prior, we ran the routes to make sure there weren’t any issues with them. Of course, we also we warned of high CHP presence in and around Route 1. Thankfully, we weren’t standing out to the CHP.

We want to thank all of the members who participated in the drive. We hope everyone had a great time on the drive to the picnic location at Thomas Fogarty Winery.

The venue for our picnic was outstanding and we unveiled our 50th anniversary logo winner: Percy Chow! We put the logo on wine glasses which every member who was at the picnic received. We also put that logo on a sticker for your car!

First up is the pre-drive starting grid video:

Now, the launch of the cars:

And finally, the drive itself and a look at the venue:

Check out the rest of our videos and our YouTube channel here:

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