Meet Emile Bouret

Meet Emile Bouret

by | Mar 4, 2019

This week. we catch up with BMW Performance Driving School instructor Emile Bouret. Emile has made a career of driving cars either racing them or doing stunt driving or instructing. In addition, in his spare time he paints cars as well! And if you like his artwork, which has included the Ferrari F40, you can buy it from him! While we don’t go over all his fantastic stories–since they can be found on VinWiki’s YouTube channel, we do discuss parts of his career and what got him into instructing. I think his personality comes through very well in this video, you can tell that Emile is passionate about what he does and he clearly loves doing it.

Emile was kind enough to take a few minutes and chat after he spent the day with McLarens at the Thermal Club. He just happened to come over the BMW Performance Center after that to chat with the other instructors and I caught him as he was walking in. Couldn’t be kinder. So if you have the chance, you may be able to have Emile as instructor at the Performance Center in Thermal or at M Track Days. Thanks again, Emile! You can follow Emile on Instagram:¬†

Emile also has quite a few stories he’s told to VinWiki on YouTube. The links are in the description of our video. Be sure to watch them, because many of them are insane and we wonder how Emile is still alive and has never been in jail for car-related hijinks!

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