Cars and Coffee Walk around: Menlo Park

Cars and Coffee Walk around: Menlo Park

by | Mar 9, 2019

We had some rain at our Menlo Park Cars and Coffee, but that didn’t scare everyone away. This was our first Peninsula Cars and Coffee of 2019 and thanks to all the diehards who came out to enjoy some cars, some coffee, and great people!

Stevens Creek BMW even stopped by with a G07 X7 40i. They let us play around with the car and check it out. We had some rare cars also come out including Bill’s ever present E36 M3 LTW as well as a S54 swapped E36 M3 four door! Also showing up was a G05 X5 40i!

You can check out a walk around of the event as well as a Doug DeMuro style examination of some of the quirks and features of the new X7. Sorry, no Doug score.

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