Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

by | Jan 7, 2017

I don’t think there is any greater disappointment than going for a drive and realizing within two minutes that this particular road that you’re on isn’t any good. It’s worse when you know this fact beforehand and have simply forgotten it because the sands of time have erased your memories of potholes, asphalt patchwork, and endless hairpins. You zone out in the middle of class, daydreaming of the road you drove two years prior, thinking to yourself “it can’t have been that bad!”. You promise yourself that after final exams you’ll treat yourself to a pilgrimage to that road you remember so fondly.


The road in question is Calaveras Road. Located north-east of Milpitas It travels north and south next to the Calaveras Reservoir. The views along the road are fantastic, especially during the fall and winter months when the hills are green and there is a sizeable amount of water in the reservoir. It sounds utterly exciting when you’re stuck at home studying for your Database Management final!

But then you get there. First, the ceaseless sound of small stones bouncing off the undercarriage. Then the staccato jolts of your suspension crashing over poor road repair jobs. A pothole threatens to take one of your wheels out of action. The road narrows from a dual lane to a single lane. Blind corner after blind corner. The idiot in the Volkswagen nearly swipes your side mirror off. The cyclists huffing and puffing up a hill in the middle of your lane. It’s a nightmare.

You now remember why you decided to avoid this road two years ago: You forget about the hairpins, the blind corners and crests, the bumpy road surface, and the cyclists that love this road oh-so much. Two years can really do a number on your memory of the place!

But, it’s not all bad news. The views are, of course, beautiful. Pulled off on the side of the road to let the car rest (while it unhappily jettisoned an M8 bolt in the process) and walked to the other side of the road to admire the views. Verdant hills across the reservoir remind me that Calaveras still has some redeeming qualities, despite the suffering both car and driver must endure.

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