Bay Area ’02 – Swap & Show 15

Bay Area ’02 – Swap & Show 15

by | Dec 5, 2016

For the 15th consecutive year, Bay Area 02 organized Swap & Show with the help of the Golden Gate Chapter of the BMW CCA. As the group’s name implies, this is a show that celebrates the boxy German car that established the sports sedan category. Because of the characteristic whistling sound these cars make at speed, the German auto press nicknamed them Die Flüsternde Bombe (The Whispering Bomb). Sound familiar?

This year was the biggest and best Swap & Show yet with about 150 cars on the lawn and in the swap area at the Brisbane Marina, just south of the rapidly disappearing Candlestick Park. Unlike some other shows, this is not a competition with judging, prizes, and awards. Rather this is more like the best picnic you’ll attend all year. The underlying success of Swap & Show is meeting other classic BMW owners. Attendees spent the day hearing stories from original owners, sharing experiences with “kids” who were far from born when their trick car was new, and learning from working professionals who passed along their in-depth knowledge. A lawn full of great cars, new and old friends, and beautiful weather made the experience even better.

Although this was not a concourse show with judging, there were prizes to be had. Thirty four attendees took home prizes donated by Swap & Show’s generous sponsors. For a mere $1 ticket, lucky prize winners took home hardware such as custom-made chassis dolly (for the hard core DIY restorer!), new trapezoidal mirrors, a 292 camshaft, an NLA battery tray, and hood seal and wiper drain sets. Others won gift certificates for service or parts ranging from $125 to $250. While the great majority of cars were 2002s in all forms – carbureted, tiis with mechanical fuel injection, Turbos, Tourings, and convertibles – other Neue Klasse owners displayed E-9 coupes, 2000CSs, E3 sedans, 1600s, and NK2000s. A very exciting and unexpected car at this year’s Show was the 700 RS in which Hans Stuck, at age 60, became German Hillclimb Champion for the last time, Car 148. The attendee who drove the farthest to attend this year’s show came all the way from Maine! Naturally, the car was red. There were also cars from Oregon, Washington, and many from Southern California, but the vast majority belonged to Bay Area 02ers. The fine folks attend Swap & Show year after year and are the foundation of the show’s success.

Swap & Show starts with “swap”, and the swappers were out in force this year. Participants included local BMW dealers, specialty parts companies that focus on classic BMWs, and some long-time ’02 owners who had extra accessories and used parts that needed new homes.

Take a look at the photos from Bob Yee and Igor Polishchuk to appreciate the people and all the cars that participated. Photos ©2015 Robert Yee.

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