Car Control Clinics

Planning for the 2015 season is in progress. We hope to publish the full schedule soon. For now, the first CCC is tentatively scheduled for February 21, 2015. Keep an eye on the motorsportsreg page for registration.

See below for:

  • Schedule
  • Vehicle restrictions
  • Minors (under 18)
  • Guest Policy
  • Student packet

2015 Schedule Update

We are working on securing dates with two different sites. We hope to announce the 2015 schedule in mid-January.

GGC’s page at MotorsportsReg

Vehicle/Tech Inspection Requirements

We do not allow SUVs at the clinic due to their high center of gravity (with the exception that BMW X models and Porsche Cayenne SAVs are allowed).

We recommend against bringing certain hybrid cars (such as the Toyota Prius) to the clinic because their stability control systems intervene at relatively low levels and interfere with the learning process. Convertibles are allowed at the clinic.

Please see the Student Packet for additional information about vehicles and tech inspection requirements.

Please check your individual insurance policy for coverage details with regards to participating in the clinic. Some policies exclude driver education.

Minor Waiver

If you are under 18, you must print and complete the Minor Waiver. This waiver is a mandatory requirement of our insurance provider. Minors will not be allowed to participate if they come to the clinic without a properly completed Minor Waiver, and the registration fee will not be refunded.

Please download the see the Student Packet for the Minor Waiver and the instructions for proper completion.

Guest Policy

NOTE: Non-registered spectators or visitors are not allowed to ride along with students at the clinic. Only registered students and instructors are allowed in cars at the exercises.

Spectators are welcome to attend the pre-exercise talks and watch from the staging areas. Due to insurance requirements, everyone entering the site, including spectators, must sign a waiver.

Student Packet

Download the Student Packet (pdf)

Please download and read the Student Packet, particularly the Registration and FAQ sections, before registering for and attending a Car Control Clinic. This will answer many questions, help you avoid possible problems with your registration, and maximize your enjoyment of this fun event.

The Student Packet contains:

  • Registration Requirements
  • Program Synopsis and Schedule
  • Vehicle Limitations and Tech Inspections
  • Waivers
  • Student Handout
  • Glossary and FAQs

Overview of Clinics

The Golden Gate Chapter has three types of educational events for car control. All clinics are built around moderate speed exercises performed in a large parking lot.

  • CCC — Entry level car control
  • Advanced CCC — Intended for drivers with prior experience
  • Teen CCC — Tailored for new drivers


(Photo by James Tsukamoto, Meritus Photography)

CCC Overview

Imagine knowing what to do when your car begins to slide, knowing how to skirt around an unexpected obstacle, and being in calm control during an emergency stop. Come out and explore your limits and your car’s limits in a controlled setting. Car control skills are learned techniques. Having these skills at your command enhances your ability to be a safe driver in normal everyday situations. These skills are also the foundation for performance driving. Learn the basics of performance car control through several challenging exercises.

  • skid pad
  • slalom
  • ABS/threshold braking
  • emergency avoidance maneuver

The CCC is great for teenagers, beginning drivers, and anyone who wants better car control skill.  Attendance is a prerequisite for our high performance driving schools.


Our Clinics are open to all BMW Club members. We explore vehicle dynamics in a controlled environment, with you at the wheel. The program is structured for people without any performance driving instruction. Each participant receives personalized instruction provided by experienced Club instructors. The level of instruction is tailored to fit the background of each individual student. All you need to attend is a membership in the BMW Club and a valid driver’s license (learner’s permits are not accepted). Registration in advance is required by all participants. Two-driver cars are allowed (two separately registered drivers sharing one car). Both drivers get the full amount of driving time. Please read the Student Packet for complete details about the clinic.

Program Synopsis

The clinic lasts all day. Our format includes a short morning lecture followed by three moderate speed exercises (skidpad, slalom and braking/avoidance). A diagram of each exercise is outlined in the Student Handout. Each exercise is prefaced with a short talk about concepts specific to the exercise. You will learn the proper use of the steering wheel, brakes, and throttle as elements of car control. You will learn how to balance the weight of the car on the four tires for best braking, turning and acceleration. Safety is our top priority at this and all Club driving events. Our objective is to improve your awareness as a driver, introduce you to vehicle dynamics, and provide you with fundamental car control skills.

Registration Procedures

Registration and payment must be done in advance via our online registration system (visit Registration for each clinic opens about 6-8 weeks before the event.

  • Each driver must register separately.
  • You must be a BMW Club member to attend the Clinic.
  • You may purchase a new BMWCCA membership with your registration.
  • Lunch is provided. Sandwich selection is made during registration.
  • Students sharing a car indicate so during registration. Each gets a full amount of driving time.

Registration for the clinic will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are planning to attend an HPDE, please enroll early as the clinics often fill quickly. We recommend signing up for the chapter’s e-blast email list to get notifications about event. Please see the Student Packet for full details on registration requirements.

Advanced Car Control Clinic

Our advanced CCC program builds upon the street safety skills taught in the regular clinic, and introduces more advanced performance driving skills. This program is targeted at anyone who is interested in performance driving, including novice HPDE and autocross participants, as well as intermediate participants who are interested in staying sharp. The program deals with more advanced skills and topics:

  • cornering theory and driving lines
  • advanced braking techniques (such as trail-braking)
  • dynamic weight transfer
  • connecting corners together

The day’s schedule for the Advanced CCC is somewhat different than the regular CCC program. Registration and tech inspection start earlier to provide more driving time. A student/driver meeting is held first thing in the morning, followed by driving drills in weight transfer and cornering technique. In the afternoon, students will rotate among a number of driving circuits to apply the skills learned in the morning. The circuits include complicated turn types as well as turn combinations. During the driving exercises, students will be split into two groups – half driving the exercise while the other half will manage flags and reset cones, as is done in an autocross. Requirements:

  • Previous attendance at a regular CCC or similar driving event is a pre-requisite.
  • Helmets ARE required for the advanced CCC (a limited number of club loaner helmets are available).
  • Sorry, only cars are allowed, no SUVs/high center of gravity vehicles.