Lake Berryessa Driving Tour

Lake Berryessa Driving Tour

by | Aug 2, 2020

On July 25, we had our first event in quite some time. Our fearless Field Marshall of Expeditionary Travels, Adam Mahoney, designed a great driving tour for about 20 cars through the backroads around Lake Berryessa.

We started the morning in Fairfield to gather (socially distant and masked). Everyone who wanted could get coffee and/or breakfast at a nearby Starbucks. After a check of the waivers (e-waivers now!) and a quick pep talk we headed out to our first stop at an abandoned gas station.

My wife and I were the caboose and it’s a thankless job. We got stuck at the first light, stuck at a second light, then stuck behind a garbage truck (see gallery), then stuck behind a guy going 35 in a 55 with no passing lanes, but plenty of turnoffs which he happily ignored…so much so that the garbage truck became the caboose in our mini-train. Eventually, we caught up to the groups at the first pit stop.

Everyone had a chance to empty their bladders, we got a quick talk of the next section and off we went to the second pit stop–a parking lot. We got the pee break, a quick chat, and off to the final stop of the tour: THE GLORY HOLE.

Finally, for those who wanted, we headed to Winters for some food. Great food outside in a downtown sealed off from traffic to eat socially distant. Stay tuned for the next tour, coming soon!

Check the gallery below for shots of the tour.

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