Meet Adam Seaman

Meet Adam Seaman

by | Oct 28, 2019

This week, we meet the Instructor Lead at the BMW Performance Center West, Adam Seaman! Adam began his car career as a drifter, enjoying some success in the sport and then was invited over to the BMW Performance Center (East). Once there, he worked his way up to an instructor where I first met him in 2012. Adam is known for his cool demeanor and his charming South Carolina accent.

True story: at M Track Days back in 2017 at Circuit of the Americas, Adam drifted the hell out of an F80 M3 and the car begged him to contact the dealer immediately for service as we rolled back into pit lane after a hot lap! The man knows car control and drifting. If you get a chance to take a hot lap with Adam on the BMW side of Thermal, he’s famous for doing a 360 degree spin to end the hot lap.

Did you know that CCA members get 15% off any of the BMW Performance Driving School offerings? And did you also know that we have a ///M Club Day at the Performance Center where you can test out the current ///M models (subject to availability) at that event ranging from skid pad, autocross, rat race, and track time? We’re back at Thermal this February!

Thanks for your time, Adam!

You can follow Adam on Instagram @ajsdrift

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